Friday, April 12, 2013

Gerik, Perak.

Since last year, my jalan-jalan geng Chairman keep on mentioning about the famous fish ball at Sauk and the archaeology site at Lenggong Valley. Unfortunately, the trip to Sauk and Lenggong was on hold because of the distance.

Thanks to IAB Zon Perak for inviting me to teach in the three days course (ICT for Instructional Leaders) organised by them on 2 - 4 April 2013 @ PPD Gerik, Perak. 

In fact, this was my second trip to Gerik. During my first trip to Gerik in year 2012, I missed a lot of things because it was only a one day course to MRSM teachers. For this time, I took the opportunity to explore my state.

If you are interested to know more about the history of Gerik, please visit this link:

Day 1, 1 April 2013, Monday
I started my journey from home @ PUJ in the morning because my target of the day was to explore Sauk, Lenggong and Tasik Banding. 

I stopped at Sauk new village for lunch @ Restoran Baru Lau Kai, located next to right side of the arch or the entrance to the new village. Next to the other side of the arch is the masjid

The restaurant serves freshwater fish. I ordered three dishes recommended by friends - fishballs, salted egg squid and kangkong sambal belacan. I like the salted egg squid. 

Sad to say, I will not recommend this restaurant to others. The 'taukeyso' has a very good PR but be more careful with the bill. She told me RM5.00 for 10 fishballs but charged me RM6.00 in the bill.


the salted egg squid

kangkong sambal belacan

After lunch, i proceeded to the Archaeology Gallery at Lenggong Valley. It was situated two kilometer away from the main road among some oil palm plantations. Besides me, there were another two visitors. The officers on duty were so happy to welcome us.

It's worth to stop by and visit the gallery. Beside information about the excavation and Perak man, we can find information about efforts to earn the recognition of UNESCO world heritage site.

After the tour inside the gallery, I took a photo of the park just behind the gallery building. I didn't go up because the weather was too hot and no other visitor. Here, you can see some of the rocks that found only in this part of Malaysia.

After the gallery, I went to Lenggong town. I didn't stop because the road was very busy. It was just after school hours. Students, buses and cars all over. Then, I just took a photo of the, small but clean, bus station and a photo of the Hokkien Association building.

After I checked in into Sri Inai Inn, formerly known as Resthouse, I decided to proceed to Tasik Banding, which is about 45 kilometer from Gerik town. Travel 45 km in Klang Valley is very common but I felt a bit too far is better you go with partners.

I stopped at Belum Rainforest Resort's car park area just after the bridge. Here, visitors are not allowed to go to the resort area but can see the beautiful bridge and scenic views from one corner. Remember - do not go the bridge because cars and lorries never slow down for you to enjoy the scenic view.

After that, I went to the public jetty, which is about 2 kilometer from the Belum Rainforest Resort.

Dataran Juang Tentera Darat, Markas Taktikal 749, is located on the way from Gerik to Tasik Banding. To get more detail, please visit this link

Also we can see the memorial stone at the roadside, along the way to Pulau Banding. To know he history, please visit this link

Day 2, 2 April 2013, Tuesday
Day 1 of our course @ PPD Gerik. The Wi-Fi in the room was a bit slow at the beginning but things turned better after they added one 1BestariNet zoom, which was borrowed from PKG Gerik. Haha, I didn't realized that the PKG is just next to PPD until I saw the extension wire labelled PKG Gerik after the lessons of the second day course.

After today's lesson, I went to scout around Gerik housing area and I found two special playgrounds for children and I guest for adults as well.

Ferret Scout Car is located outside of the army camp - Batalion 4 Rejimen Sempadan. The car is a British armoured fighting vehicle produced in 1952, and served Malaysia in 1957.

I saw this loving couple walked around the village. So i waited for them to get their permission to take a photo of this bicycle. To me, this is good for stroke patient to exercise the legs. The wife was pushing from behind so that the husband can exercise his legs. In fact, she also doing exercise at the same time.

The deer horn is located next to a traffic light before turning left heading to PPD Gerik and Sri Inai Inn. I can't relate deer horn with Gerik.

Day 3, 3 April 2013, Wednesday
Day 2 of the course...
Opposite Sri Inai Inn is the airplane runway. During my three days stay, i saw army fall in at the runway in the morning.

Today, I found out that PKG Gerik is just next to PPG Gerik. So, I went to visit them after lessons of the day. There, I met Ina, Salwa, Tajul, Hisham and Naza. They were having a Frog VLE training for the three champion schools in Hulu Perak District @ SK Sri Adika Raja, just next to PKG.

Day 4, 4 April 2013, Thursday
It was the last day of the course. We had 29 course participants (school principals) from Hulu Perak District.  Participants were happy that they learnt new ICT knowledge and skills. Hopefully they will apply what they had learnt to enhance their duties.

I am so grateful that this group of school principals (fr left) Mr. Seow, Mdm Lee, Mdm Low, Mr. Phuah and Mr. Oh brought me for dinners @ Restaurant Hock Kee, Kg Batu Dua and @ a special cafe, Kg 7 or 8.